Bass World Lodge & Marina Welcomes You!
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Boating Information

Bass World Lodge and Marina offers boat rentals for those of you that don't own a boat or just want to leave your's at home. Our rentals require a deposit of $200 dollars which will be returned at the end of your rental once the boat has been assessed. We require that all boats be back at the dock by 5 each evening. There is also a boat ramp, which requires a $5 fee. Boat slips are available as well if you would like to leave your boat in the water. Marine Non-ethanol Gasoline is also provided on the campgrounds, and at the dock.

 Pontoon Rentals

$155-$250 per day plus gasoline (4-10 people not to exceed United States Coast Guard Weight Regulations) 

Bass Boat Rentals
$155-$200 per day plus gasoline 
Require advanced boating experience for rental.
Boat Ramp                                                        
$5.00 per launch                                                                    
Boat Slips
$7-10 for most slips
Larger boats may require additional fee.
Electrical hookup available for addition fee.

Bait and Tackle
Bass world Lodge and Marina has live bait on site.
Night crawlers
Other live bait available in season

Guides Available
Fishing guides available, please call main office for more information, or contact Mike Moore (904)631-5361


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